Monday, May 22, 2017

David Breslow Interview 132 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

David Brelow joins us to discuss his program to help golfers and people in life be the best they can be with his Wire to Win program. 

Wired to Win–is based on the simple wisdom of centuries old laws and truths with provable modern science of human performance. Why? Because It offers you the simplest path.  Simple. Accessible. Repeatable. It is a model that proves itself over and over again. It targets the truth with deadly accuracy and is a path that puts thee power so many of us “give away” back in your hands–where it always was! Why make it complicated?


David Breslow
The Simplicity Coach
Elevating One Life and Game at A Time


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Monday, May 15, 2017

Wayne Defrancesco Interview 131 Breaking Par

This weeks guest has been playing in Pro events for 40 years and has been teaching for 25 years.
He is the Director of Instruction at Lakewood Country Club He is here to share his journey in this wonderful game and give insight on his take on the golf swing. He has been a member of Golf Top 50 and Golf Digest Top 100.

Here are a few words from Wayne on the awards above directly from his website.

"In all the time I have spent as a teaching professional not one person has ever specifically observed my teaching in order to see if I were qualified for any list or award. All of these so-called “honors” are bestowed upon instructors for no real reason whatsoever other than reputation, political connectedness, or association with high profile players, either from the celebrity ranks or the PGA Tour. As far as I’m concerned, as soon as an instructor stops teaching beginners he or she ceases to be qualified for any honors or awards. And stop to consider exactly who it is that is bestowing the honor of being a “top” teacher: I’ll tell you who- magazine editors. If you had the experience of working with them to try to get a decent article printed with any sort of detail or information beyond a 5th grade level you would better understand the ludicrous nature of teacher lists.

So, if you can’t trust the national magazines, how do you know if a teacher has anything to offer? I would say that you have to look at the students and their successes, but then we fall into the trap of focusing on high profile players. It is certainly a skill to help the already great to become better. "

Wayne know that awards are not what makes a teacher great. It is their commitment to their craft and results.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Dan Connelly Interview 131

Dan Connelly the developer of True Length technology club fitting joins us on episode 131 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan.

  • Dan spent 20 years employed as a high level Metrologist for General Motors in the Canadian Regional Engineering Centre in Oshawa ON. As a Precision Inspector, Dan operated CAD systems, coordinate measuring machines, and high level inspection tools on a daily basis. All part of holding the J.D. Powers “Best In Class” which has been awarded to General Motors on many occasions. I was proud to be a General Motors employee (now retired) and represent their complete line of quality cars and trucks from the quality side of Engineering.
  • Dan’s Custom Golf Shop is a family owned business, based out of a small shop at our home in Hampton, Ontario. My wife Marianne keeps the flowers in full bloom and is available to take messages. Our 2 sons Jay and Eric helped build the new addition to the shop, allowing us to now have a ‘Fitting Studio.’ The Fitting Studio is fully stocked with 16 sets of left and right handed fitting clubs (4 irons at 58* of lie, 7 irons at 61*, and a PW’s at 64*). You will now be able to swing a test set that will be used as the fitting model to either correct your existing set or be the model for your new build.We all are True Length Technology® product testers, which has helped turn a theory into a reality.
  • Contact Dan -
  • Website


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Monday, May 1, 2017

Jason Sutton Interview 129 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Jason Sutton was the 2013 Carolinas section Teacher of the Year and a five time nominee for the Golf Magazine top 100 list.
He has worked with The Dana Rader golf school and is now the director of instruction at Carmel Country Club.
Jason shares his journey in golf and relates his experience working with his student to how it can apply to your game.
Jason like to work on controlling the low point in the swing to improve his players.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Bill Abrams Interview Episode 128

Bill's Philosophy

My coaching provides a results based, common sense, long term solutions to even the most nagging issues. We will discover your ability to play better in an accelerated manner.

I utilize a simple approach to allow players a consistent, repeatable swing and outstanding results. My teaching is results oriented and you will not be pushed into a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. We will help you enjoy the emotions of hitting great shots and playing well.

It has been my great fortune to have been personally trained by my good friend Jimmy Ballard.

I will never tell you “You need to get worse before you get better.”


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Monday, April 17, 2017

Ed Angulo Interview Episode 127


For over 10 years, Ed has been a PGA Class A Teaching Professional in the Aloha Section, at The Dunes of Maui Lani. He is a personal favorite with his students and has a long-time reputation as a top-ranked teacher in the Hawaiian Islands. Ed is now located in Florida at Sebastian Municipal Golf Course. He is a Impact Zone certified instructor. 

To work with Ed contact him -  or Call- 808-357-0481



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